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ECI Alumni Eisteddfod Talk

It was amazing to have a live link with Paloma Reynaud (p. 2015-16) from Paris at our Eisteddfod this year. Each year, as part of our senior performances, we find an ECI Alumni who is involved with the creative arts to share their story with the pupils. This year Paloma told us her story from performing in the Nativity Play for the first time at ECI right through to having a major role in one of France’s most popular TV series, Above all Paloma explained to our pupils the value of hard work and consistency in order to make you dreams a reality and how you need to have a love for the art and not be searching for fame to be happy and successful in your chosen art. It was a powerful message, and it was fantastic to catch up with Paloma. Thank you and see you in person next time you are in El Puerto.

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First Anniversary

[15:41] Jefe de proyectos – S. Dawe It was fantastic to see so many ECI Alumni at our First Anniversary celebrations. There were ECI Alumni from different generations who had come to welcome our newest members of the ECI Alumni … ver más

EC Alumni

Da gusto ir a cualquier evento y coincidir con nuestros ECI Alumni. Esta semana, nuestro Principal & Managing Director, Mr Randell, ha estado en Bett y se ha encontrado a nuestro ECI Alumni Jesús García que trabaja en como … ver más

ECI Alumnis

Recientemente la comisión de ECI Alumni se ha encontrado con varios de nuestros antiguos alumnos que nos han contado qué están realizando. Nos ha encantado veros!! Recently the ECI Alumni committee met with some of our former pupils, and they … ver más

ECI Alumni

Hoy nos ha visitado la ECI Alumni, María Oviedo. María nos cuenta que actualmente realiza el grado de Traducción e Interpretación en la Universidad de Salamanca, ha realizado las prácticas como traductora para la Universidad de Heidelberg y ahora realiza … ver más

ECI Alumni

Our ECI Alumni Commission met with our Upper Sixth pupils to explain how our ECI Alumni project works. There are lots of opportunities to meet, stay in touch, contribute to the ECI Community, take part in school events and to … ver más

ECI Alumni

It was wonderful to have Maria Perez (p. 2012-13) with us to read the 9th Lesson at the Carol Concert last night in representation of her year. She did a fantastic job and said it brought back lots of happy memories … ver más

ECI Alumni Visits

Yesterday we had a visit from Juanma Salvador and Lorena Ruiz (p.2020-21). Lorena is studying journalism and audio visuals in Madrid and Juanma interior design. They had a chance to meet up with their teachers and to spend some time … ver más

Sesión Internacional MEP

Estamos de enhorabuena, nuestro ECI Alumni , Álvaro Herrero, ha representado a España en la Sesión Internacional del Modelo de Parlamento Europeo, celebrada en Sofía. Los alumnos han disfrutado de estas sesiones celebradas en inglés y han podido visitar el … ver más

Doctor Sheila Kanani

Los alumnos de Stage 1 recibieron ayer una visita online especial de la Doctora Sheila Kanani, recientemente galardonada con la MBE (Orden del Mérito) por su trabajo en educación como física para la Real Sociedad Astronómica de Gran Bretaña. Hemos … ver más

ECI Alumni – Sports Day

We resumed our annual ECI Alumni sports day with a day of football, basketball, padel, badminton, table tennis and chess at school. After all the different generations had enjoyed playing against each other there was a chance for a dip … ver más