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PAT Assemblies – January

PorEL Centro Inglés

Feb 1, 2022

Our January Celebration Assemblies have focused on freedom and honour, this month´s and next´s ECI Pupil Values. With it being the month of January, we can always set ourselves new year resolutions and pupils were reminded that, as incongruous as it might sound, having self-discipline leads to enjoying freedoms that would otherwise not be granted to us.

This month´s Action for Happiness “Happier January” calendar shows us that it is the little things that we can do every day that can make us happier:

We also celebrated many achievements:

Junior School Character Award Winners

Those receiving a Tough Tortoise Certificate of Resilience are:

  • Elena Muñoz                    Stage 2A
  • José Diaz                           Stage 2A
  • Anahit Haroyan               Stage 2B
  • Luis Alfonso Delgado      Stage 3A
  • Alberto Isla                       Stage 3A
  • Sophie Venturelli            Stage 3B
  • Jimena Eguilez                 Stage 4B
  • Eugenia Cavero                Stage 5A
  • Daniel del Castillo           Stage 5B
  • África Gómez                   Stage 5B

Those receiving a Sensible Squirrel Certificate of Resourcefulness are:

  • Helena Rioja                     Stage 2A
  • Rocío Carpintero             Stage 2B
  • Jesús Ruiz                         Stage 3A
  • Noa Riyan Lozano           Stage 3B
  • Alex Infante                     Stage 4A
  • Marta Camacho               Stage 4B
  • Clara Cabrera                   Stage 4B
  • Candela Soriano              Stage 5A
  • Raúl Blanco                      Stage 5B

Those receiving a Wise Owl Certificate of Reflection are:

  • Nicolás Bartolomé          Stage 2A
  • Isabel Ortega                   Stage 2B
  • Antonio Basso                 Stage 3A
  • Abril De Alba                    Stage 3B
  • María Fernández-Prada Stage 4A
  • María García                    Stage 4A
  • Francisco San Martín      Stage 4B
  • Helena San Gil                 Stage 5A

Those receiving a Team Ant Certificate of Reciprocity and Respect are:

  • Jimena Recio                    Stage 2B
  • Ana Ferris                         Stage 3B
  • Alan Dawe                        Stage 4A
  • María Jiménez                 Stage 5B

Pupil of the Month in Junior School

  • Mara Gil                             Stage 3A

 Class of the Month in Junior School

Stage 4B (jointly with Stage 3B)

Pupil of the Month in Senior School

Adriana González                          Year 1A

Leire Serrano                                  Year 1B

Class of the Month in Senior School

Year 1B