ECI ALUMNI VISIT – Promoción 2017-18

It has been fantastic this year to receive so many visits from our pupils who graduated last year. Before Christmas we had a visit from Maria Oviedo, Carlos de la Torre and Jaime Senabre and yesterday we had a visit from Ana Paéz, Luis Garcia Caballero, Gloria Garcia, Patricia Osborne, Barbara Galache and Head Boy and Head Girl Pablo La Madrid and Violeta Gamino.

It was wonderful to see our ECI Alumni catching up with their teachers and all happy with their studies, their choices and the preparation they received at The English Centre.

We are preparing a reunion in April and we will let you know more details soon.

Some of the comments they left were

“”Muy feliz de volver a casa. Muchas gracias a todos.”

“Encantada de volver a ver a todos. Gracias por tantos recuerdos.”

“Aunque sea por un ratito estar aquí es volver a mi casa, un placer y un honor.”

“Mi otra casa siempre tiene un espacio en mi corazón.”

“!Super feliz de volver y ver a todos mis queridos profes!”