• 24 julio, 2024 8:53 pm


PorEL Centro Inglés

Jun 14, 2024

As we know, science is happening in Early Years all of the time and is particularly meaningful for small children who have so many questions about the world around them. When we use magnets, mirrors, vehicles that move, we are using and talking physics. When we look at plants, our bodies and animals around us, we explore biology. When we cook, we do chemistry.

In Reception and Stage 1, we have enjoyed all the hard work and preparation from the Year 4 students who have come to visit us today in Early Years. They have been introducing practical science to our students today, talking about how toy cup telephones transmit sound through vibrations, what happens to the enamel on our teeth if we drink too many fizzy drinks and what is the profession of an archaeologist really like. Students in Stage 1 have also received their first Mathuring Minds t-shirt for a year’s participation learning about the abacus. It has been a busy and exciting day!