November Assemblies

We celebrated the value of kindness in our assemblies this month and were joined by representatives from the student Social Responsibility Committee, who reminded pupils about all the initiatives already in place, as well as some of the ideas they have been discussing as a student body which they hope to implement to show kindness beyond our school community, like sending items of clothing to those who have lost everything in La Palma.

Ms Smith also shared the Action for Happiness “New Ways November” calendar. Our school motto is “Life Long Love of Learning” and we should all challenge ourselves to do and learn new things or do things differently:

We also celebrated several individual and group achievements:


Junior School

Pupil of the Month: Luca Danskin Stage 3B

Class of the Month: Stage 3B


Tough Tortoise Certificate

  • Nicolás Navarro               Stage 2A
  • Estrella Fernández          Stage 2B
  • Pablo Larraz                     Stage 3A
  • Luca Danskin                   Stage 3B
  • Chloe Pérez                      Stage 4A
  • Francisco Zambrana       Stage 5A
  • Tina Serrano                    Stage 5A
  • Emma Guerrero              Stage 5B

Team Ant Certificate

  • Alejo Pérez                       Stage 2A
  • Lola García                       Stage 2B
  • Gonzalo Fernández         Stage 3A
  • Lucía Phúc Sánchez        Stage 3B
  • Manuela San Juan           Stage 4A
  • Elena Vidal                       Stage 4B
  • Álvaro Seba Rodríguez   Stage 5B

Sensible Squirrel Certificate

  • Rebecca Gómez              Stage 2A
  • Maitane Yeregui              Stage 2B
  • Victoria Arregui               Stage 3A
  • Cecilia Domínguez          Stage 3B
  • Fco Javier Romero          Stage 4A
  • Lucía García                     Stage 4B
  • Miguel Jiménez-Rider    Stage 4B
  • Álvaro Abraldes               Stage 5A
  • Fuhang Zhu                      Stage 5B

Wise Owl Certificate

  • Lukas Corwin                   Stage 2A
  • Javier Marante                Stage 2B
  • Olalla Carretero              Stage 3A
  • Lili O´Donnell                   Stage 3B
  • Nando Salamero             Stage 4B


Senior School

Pupil of the Month: Alberto Romero Year 2B

Class of the Month: Year 1A


Congratulations to all those awarded certificates. Keep up the great work and participation!