Nativity play

Before this year’s Nativity Play there was a moving tribute to Mrs Randell. It was a time to remember how much Christmas meant to her personally and how important it is to the identity of The English Centre. Mrs Randell would have loved this year’s play. The energy and enthusiasm with which the pupils took to the stage, the amazing performances, the beautiful harmonies of the choir, the whole community working together. In her programme notes she wrote the following which is very appropriate to this year’s performance…

When a baby is born we always give them a present to celebrate the miracle of life. But what present can we give to Baby Jesus? Who is, after all, the son of God?

A normal present simply wouldn´t do…not for someone so special.

So what can we give him? Our hearts, our souls and our love. How can we give this to him? By recreating the story of his birth every year through our Nativity Play.

And how can we make our present extra special? By doing our very best. Our best behaviour, our best singing, our best acting and our best dancing.