• 21 junio, 2024 1:43 pm

5 years have been doing all their learning centered around the theme ´Magical me´! We have had so much fun both in class and outdoors. Especially as we got to celebrate Halloween too!

We have been learning all about magic spells and secret potions! When we were in the playground someone special came to visit our classroom and left a letter. Winnie the Witch from our story books came to visit! We loved learning all about Winnie and her cat Wilbur. We made invitations and hoped that she would come to our Halloween party, we even made a magic spell to make her cat Wilbur feel better!

On Halloween we were singing the Winnie song and she came to visit! We were all VERY excited! It was great fun!! We hope that we will get to see her again next Halloween!

Making potions & spells 


Weighing our ingredients 


 Our magic potion kitchen 


Let’s draw our witch

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