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Founder´s Day

PorEL Centro Inglés

Oct 2, 2023

This year we celebrated our fifth Founder’s Day. It is a chance for us to come together at the beginning of the school year to re-connect to our Founder, Linda Randell, her vision and our Founding Principles. 

We have a very special assembly in the morning with speeches, competitions, music and history. It is also a chance to hear from our LMR Scholarship winners about how they won the award and what they did with it. 

In Early Years there are presentations for Mr and Mrs Randell and our guests of songs and pictures. 

Our special guests give speeches to the oldest pupils in Juniors and Seniors to help to connect them with our history and to get to know Mrs Randell better as a person. Our academic departments create unique classroom activities to celebrate the life and values of Mrs Randell. 

In the afternoon we celebrate our Secret Garden Ceremony where our special guests, ECI Alumni who are current ECI families, our management team and our school council join together to reflect on our school values and purpose. This year we were delighted to have speeches from our councillor for education, Mr Enrique Iglesias and a very moving speech from D. Francisco abotu Mrs Randell. 

At the end of a very special day we have tea with our ECI Alumni families who are ECI Parents.