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February Celebration Assemblies

PorEL Centro Inglés

Feb 23, 2022

Our February Celebration Assemblies have focused on honour, this month´s and last´s ECI Pupil Values. Honour is a value which can be difficult to define and explain to the younger members of our community but there are many things that they can do to honour themselves and their families: they should always try their best, be forgiving of their own and other people´s mistakes and be honest.


As well as sharing this month´s Action for Happiness “Happier February” calendar, we also heard from our members of the student Social Responsibility Committee who spoke about all the money raised so far as well as all the initiatives in place to raise awareness and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

We also celebrated many achievements:


Junior School Character Award Winners


Those receiving a Tough Tortoise Certificate of Resilience are:

Nicolás Navarro                             Stage 2A

Martina Monterrubio                   Stage 2A

Sara Rojas                                       Stage 2B

Fabio Pina                                       Stage 3A

Martín Reina                                  Stage 3A

Juan Ortiz                                        Stage 3B

Carla Galera                                    Stage 4A

Javier Díez                                       Stage 4B

Manuela del Rocío Aragón          Stage 5A

Emma Uta Tomasio                      Stage 5B


Those receiving a Sensible Squirrel Certificate of Resourcefulness are:

Haoran Zhang                                Stage 2B

Alonso Yockey                                Stage 3B

Alejandra Aguilera                        Stage 4B

María Ingrid Rönnols                    Stage 5A


Those receiving a Wise Owl Certificate of Reflection are:

Pedro de la Gala                            Stage 2A

Lola García                                      Stage 2B

Carola Ceballos                              Stage 3A

Ana Marina Vera                           Stage 3B

Carlota Rioja                                   Stage 4A

Carlos Recio                                    Stage 4B

Francisco Orozco                           Stage 5A

Manuel Reguera                            Stage 5B

Beltrán Dauthieu                           Stage 5B


Those receiving a Team Ant Certificate of Reciprocity and Respect are:

Lucas De Guindos                          Stage 2A

Maitane Yeregui                            Stage 2B

Amelia Barba                                 Stage 3B

Paula Rojas                                     Stage 4A

Javier Paradinas                             Stage 5B


Pupil of the Month in Junior School

Paula Cabrera                                 Stage 6A

Zihang Jin                                        Stage 6B


Class of the Month in Junior School

Stage 3A – Don Manuel Muñoz


Pupil of the Month in Senior School

Year 1B – Santiago Domínguez


Class of the Month in Senior School

Year 4B – Mr Gómez