• 29 mayo, 2024 3:44 am

Erasmus EU Stars

PorEL Centro Inglés

May 9, 2023

Our Erasmus Under the EU Stars project has come to an end. What an incredible week it has been.

After 2 days in Ravna Gora, northern Croatia hiking, camping and doing mindful activities in nature, we climbed Ivansčica, the highest mountain in this area. Where we did meditation at the top.
Student enjoyed time with the partners and their families and we finished the project with a cultural party with local dancers, exchanging dances, local food and speeches.
To top off an incredible week learning about connection to nature, resilience, digital detox and mindfulness we had an unforgettable trip to the Plitvička Lakes.
This trip will live long in the memory and this project has been truly incredible.