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Abr 19, 2024

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged in the current moment, without distraction or judgment. In Early Years education, it plays a crucial role in fostering emotional well-being, enhancing concentration, and promoting a positive classroom environment.

In our Early Years classroom, we introduce mindfulness through simple and fun activities tailored to young children. These activities might include deep breathing exercises, listening to calming music, and doing gentle movements like stretching or yoga, all designed to help children develop self-awareness and emotional regulation skills.

Recently, we had the wonderful opportunity to share a mindfulness session with our families. It was a heartwarming experience as children and parents engaged in the exercises together, enjoying a moment of calm and connection. The session not only reinforced the importance of mindfulness in our daily lives but also strengthened the bond between school and home. We look forward to continuing this journey of mindfulness with our students and their families.

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