• 21 junio, 2024 12:09 pm

Early Years – FERIA

PorEL Centro Inglés

Jun 6, 2024

As we all know, Feria is an important date in our local calendar. In the Early Years Department, we have all been feeling the buzz of the fair this week, as students share with us what they know about the dancing, horses, rides and music.

Thursday is the highlight of our feria week, because this is the day the students get dressed in their Feria finest, put on their dancing shoes and participate in our mini-feria in the spirit of joy and friendship.

We have had lots of fun and excitement: the little ones built their own “caseta” with Kiko, have made fans with their teachers and have practiced tried practising the feria rhythms. Now our students are ready for part ii, of course, the real fair!