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December Celebration Assemblies

PorEL Centro Inglés

Dic 21, 2021

Our December Celebration Assemblies have focused on kindness and generosity, this month´s and last´s ECI Pupil Values. With Christmas just around the corner, it is important to remember that these values are not just about giving and receiving gifts but how we can be kind to and generous with our family and friends as well as our pets by simply being present in their lives and dedicating time to them.

Pupils were reminded that being kind and generous contributes not only to other people´s happiness but also to our own. This month´s Action for Happiness December Kindness calendar gives us many ideas about how we can be kind:

We also spoke about the importance of being kind to our environment. Our representatives from the Environment Committee (Aula de Sostenibildad), joined Ms Smith in presenting this year´s environmental focus, that of the significance of climate change in all of our lives and how it is important for each one of us to play our part in re-using what we can as well as recycling and reducing waste. The reps also highlighted that although we might think that vehicle emissions are the highest contributor to climate change, we tend to forget how much damage the textile industry is causing to the environment. As a school community, the collection of clothes which we no longer wear for Madre Coraje will contribute to reducing waste.

As always, we also celebrated many achievements:


Junior School Character Award Winners


Those receiving a Tough Tortoise Certificate of Resilience are:

  • Oliver Bude                      Stage 2A
  • Martina Churchwell        Stage 2B
  • Ángel León                       Stage 2B
  • Martina Sánchez             Stage 3A
  • Lucía Guerrero                 Stage 3B
  • Elisa Wilson                     Stage 4A
  • Enrique Delfín                  Stage 4A
  • Fernanda Dauthieu        Stage 4B
  • Lucía Unamunzaga         Stage 5A
  • Alejandro Moy                 Stage 5B
  • Mª Dolores González      Stage 5B

Those receiving a Sensible Squirrel Certificate of Resourcefulness are:

  • Cristina Margarita Tortajada       Stage 2A
  • Álvaro Magrañal                            Stage 2B
  • Luca Barahona                               Stage 3A
  • Miguel Ruiz                                     Stage 3B
  • Álvaro Lobato                                 Stage 4B
  • Pablo Fernández                           Stage 5A
  • Valentina Camacho                       Stage 5B

Those receiving a Wise Owl Certificate of Reflection are:

  • Marta Fernández                          Stage 2A
  • Fermín Elizburu                             Stage 2B
  • Álvaro González                             Stage 3A
  • Mateo Olías                                    Stage 3B
  • Martina Sánchez                            Stage 4B
  • Luisa Ávila                                       Stage 5A

Those receiving a Team Ant Certificate of Reciprocity and Respect are:

  • Lucía González                               Stage 2A
  • Gloria Nuñez                                  Stage 3A
  • Manuela Díaz del Río                    Stage 3B
  • Javier Copano                                 Stage 4A
  • Luis Sartorius                                  Stage 4B
  • Pablo Sánchez- Cossio                  Stage 5B


Pupil of the Month in Junior School

Rocío Mangas – Stage 7B

Pupil of the Month in Senior School

Claudia Nimo – Year 2A