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PorEL Centro Inglés

Mar 17, 2021

This month in our assemblies, as well as celebrating individual and group achievements, we have also talked about March and April´s school values: Equality and Justice.

The pupils were given the opportunity to reflect on what these two values actually mean:

  • Equality does not mean that everyone is the same.
  • It means having the right not to be picked on and made to feel different justbecause of who you are or what makes you different from other people.
  • Justice means that things are fair and that people get what they deserve.
  • Ensuring that things are fair might mean that you have to stand up for somebody when someone is not being kind to them.

Ms Smith also shared the Action for Happiness calendar for a Mindful March:

In such a busy world, we want to encourage our students to live mindfully as possible and use the techniques they have been learning in tutor time to take time to appreciate the world around them.