Trip to Cádiz

5 EPO trip to Cádiz was a complete success. On the way there we talked about what the children knew about Cadiz, focusing on the bridge of La Pepa and the Cathedral. Once we arrived, our first stop was the monument to the 1812 Constitution. With the help of our knowledgeable guide, Don Daniel, the children were explained lot of interesting facts and information about Cadiz and its constitution. 

 Our next stop was the Oratory of San Felipe Neri, where the children listened so well they were congratulated for their excellent behaviour. We had a snack at the Mina square, then we walked to the Candelaria fortress, where we talked about the explorers and their sea voyages. We then made our way to the Genoves Park, where the children observed the incredible diversity of trees and plants brought from distant places, and had their lunch.

 Finally, we went to the Caleta beach, where children had some time to play around and relax before coming back to school. It was  a really well rounded trip, where children received lot of information, asked many questions and enjoyed themselves. Well done 5 EPO!