The Virtual School Trip

Thursday was the culmination of a week of “virtual trips” for the 3, 4 and 5 year old children from Early Years.

The new post-Covid has meant that many things have changed in lives and routines of all the children at the English Centre. But one of our main objectives is to try and help our children still feel the magic of learning and sharing, this time with the added advantage of bringing our families into the virtual classroom with us.

3 year old teachers took their children to a virtual circus, 4s to an Aquarium and 5s to the Saltmarsh. It was amazing to see how, with a little dressing up, some role play and fun how the children became excited and involved.

In Kiko’s class, the five year olds fished, in the three year olds, children got into the role of their favourite circus character and in the fours, they Many thanks to the families for their contribution and involvement that made this day so special for their children.