We would like to congratulate  Paz Ollero Medina, Ana Castellano Bernal, María Derqui Gestoso and Ana Sánchez Corrales on making it  through to the semi-finals of the global competition Technovation Challenge. The Technovation Challenge has been designed to encourage girls to take more of an interest in the world of  technology. This year it has had more than 7200 competitors from 57 countries around the world, all  trying to create and market apps to solve real world problems. It’s a fantastic achievement by the girls to get through to this stage by designing, creating and marketing  their app “Wind down” which is aimed at helping students relax,  especially during exam time. Fingers crossed that they make it through to present their app in the final in California. We would also like to thank Fernando Mas and Airbus for their mentoring and support of the students throughout the competition.