Options talks

This week, Ms Grandal, accompanied by the Heads of Department, gave an assembly about option choices in 3º and 4º ESO as well as 1º BACH. As part of our careers programme, we are keen to ensure that students get as much guidance as possible so that they may make informed choices and can follow their chosen career path. The assembly focused on the different routes available to them in each year group and we hope that this will spark their interest to find out more about what each subject involves. Being able to make and take responsibility for their own choices is one of the most exciting parts of their journey to adulthood and we would encourage families to support their children reach the right decisions based on their own interests and academic strengths. They have also been encouraged to speak to their tutors, teachers, the Heads of Department and Doña Lourdes if they have any queries before submitting their final choices by 4th March.