Wellbeing updates: Indefatigable spirit and taking breaks

We are defined by our indefatigable spirit in rising to a challenge. ECI teachers and pupils have been tirelessly rising to the teaching and learning challenge over the last 10 days. Parents´ ability to juggle home life and work is no doubt being tested to the limit too. However, no group in Spain, Europe or the world has shown greater grit and stamina than healthcare workers during these troublesome days. We must all pay tribute to their selfless courage and vocation.

John F Kennedy said : “When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters, one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” Although this catchphrase gathered momentum as a political slogan, it is equally pertinent in our current situation. While teachers and other authority figures strive to encourage resilience and avoid danger by staying indoors, the responsibility falls to us all to inspire hope when facing adversity.

In school we promote the virtue of hope as an acronym for Have Only Positive Expectations. We therefore have a unique opportunity, albeit enforced, to shift our priorities for the betterment of family life and wellbeing when choosing how to spend free time. Now that taking screen breaks are more important than ever, here are my top six suggestions when the time comes to put the ipad down :

  1. Read books, real books made of paper.
  2. Play boardgames or cards with your family.
  3. Be creative – write a dairy, paint pictures or decorate a room.
  4. Remember the power of music – background jazz while working or motivating pop when feeling tired eg I will survive.
  5. Take regular exercise.
  6. Plan a holiday or special trip (not too soon!).

Stay safe,

Mike Wright