II Founder’s Day

Our II Founder’s Day was a beautiful opportunity to come together to remember Mrs Randell, her mission, her vision and the values she stood for. The 25th September is her birthday and it is a wonderful way to start the year, remembering what was so special about Mrs Randell and how she connects our lives together through her legacy, our school.

This year was slightly different as the event moved online to ensure that our whole community was safe. Via Teams Live we broadcast an assembly live from the Founder’s Room. There was a chance to present the days events, to introduce the numerous awards, scholarships and prizes in Mrs Randell’s name, to reconnect with Mrs Randell’s vision, to sing the school hymn and her favourite sing a long “Doe a Deer”. There was also a chance for the Head Boy and Head Girl to cut a birthday cake and for everyone to sing Happy Birthday.

This year we were joined by two very special guests. Maria José Garcia Laynez (Pupil – 1969-1977; ECI Teacher – 1999-2013) and Maria Luisa Cabezas Elvira (Pupil 1969 – 1978; ECI Parent 1994-2013). We were delighted they spent the day with us, sharing their memories of Mrs Randell and the school in the early days with our pupils.

In the departments there were workshops and activities. A historical timeline of the school with the pupils major events alongside, splendid daffodils from the science department, workshops about dreams and values with our guests from Lengua and PAT and an “I love my school” workshop from the IC. Our youngest pupils all prepared songs and pictures for Mr and Mrs Randell when they did their tour of Early Years.

In the dining room there was Welsh music and a special menu including Mrs Randell’s favourite….Shepherds Pie. The pupils all had a slice of birthday cake for pudding.

In the afternoon we shared a very special moment as Srta. Josefina, Srta. Maria José, Srta. Mari and D. Antonio returned to school to exhume the time capsule they buried in 2009 at the 40th anniversary celebrations with Bonnie Tyler. Can it be 11 years already?

To finish the day we moved to another live broadcast in the Secret Garden. This time we had a chance to see all of the special ways we are remembering Mrs Randell and keeping her memory alive and relevant around the school. We hoisted the new flags in the secret garden. The prefects filled up the time capsule with something from every class and read our some beautiful, inspiring and moving reflections on Mrs Randell and ECI. Our Head Boy  and Head Girl started a new tradition by reading out a message from last year’s Head Boy and Head Girl and leaving a message for next year’s Head Boy and Head Girl. Finally our special guests buried the new time capsule in the secret garden ready to be opened at the 60th anniversary.

After the final broadcast there was a moment of quiet reflection and a chance to thank and remember Mrs Randell in Piccadilly by planting hand made daffodils at her statue.

Mrs Randell often spoke of her dream of have ECI TV. She would have loved today in school. The ceremony, the technology, the community. It is fantastic that we have this special moment in the year to show our love and appreciation for her. It is a chance for us all to reflect on our motto and put it into action.

Lifelong love of learning. #proyectoIDENTITY